Welcome to Motor Pro!

With great love and passion to cars, and many years experience in the car industry, I have founded Motor Pro LTD.
My purpose is to provide car owners and driving enthusiast with professional services that suit their needs.

Motor Pro LTD. provides the following services:

  • Advanced driving sessions with a professional instructor (FIA racing license holder)
  • Right hand drive training
  • Assistance and guidance in purchasing a car
  • Recommended index of professionals for every motor-need - Coming soon.

My passion is cars and driving - now you can use it to your advantage.

Idan Sheynhaft

The more precisely I can drive, the more I enjoy myself

Michael Schumacher

Advanced driving trainings

The vision that guides our driving courses is to provide you with the opportunity to take your driving skills to the next level, and doing so in a safe environment with a professional driving instructor right there next to you.

The best and most effective form of driver training is personal and one-on-one. No groups. All the attention is on you and all the focus is on making you the best driver you can become.

Using your own daily car in our advanced driving training is highly recommended. Practicing in the car you drive and know will benefit you the most.

All participants in our advanced driving trainings must present:
1. Valid HK driving license.
2. Valid vehicle license and insurance.


Corrective driving training

94(!) percent of all road accidents are caused due to “Driver Error”.

Our corrective driving training is all about improving your driving skills so you and your passengers will feel safe and comfortable on the road. Regardless of weather conditions or speed.

We achieve this by teaching you the skills you absolutely need to know about driving. Skills that most regular driving schools don’t put enough or any emphasis on. At the same time, we will also help you get rid of old and dangerous driving habits.

The course is carried out on several different kinds of public roads (urban, highway etc) in order to allow the driver to practice their new driving skills in different scenarios on real world roads with real world traffic.

As this course is focused on safety it is not only recommended for veteran drivers but also novice drivers who have not yet adopted bad habits. And of course, anyone else who would want to improve their daily driving skills and reduce stress on the road.

Course program:

  • Assuming correct driving position.
  • Correct steering wheel operation.
  • Overview of common safety systems and the way they work.
  • The importance of gaze during driving.
  • Braking, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance and the importance of quality tires.
  • Predictive and planned driving.
  • Highlights of night time driving.
  • Driving under wet conditions.

Duration: 3-4 hours


Performance driving training

This course is designed for those of you who want to learn how to get the most out of your car’s performance.

Our performance driving training will teach you driving techniques and provide you with the tools to improve your driving skills so you can better utilize and handle your car’s performance. All while keeping yourself safer at the same time.

Course program:

  • Correct steering wheel operation
  • The importance of gaze during driving
  • Weight transfer and how it affects handling
  • Over steer and understeer - why, how and when
  • Trail braking technique
  • Cornering - racing line, braking, turning and accelerating points
  • Different types of apexes
  • Safety systems and their functionality when driving fast
  • The importance of quality tires in performance driving
  • Performance driving under wet conditions

Duration: 4-6 hours

I've always been asked, "what is my favorite car?", and I've always say "the next one".

Carroll Shelby

Assistance in Car purchasing

Buying a car often turns out to be an exhausting and confusing ordeal.

Which car best suits your needs? Which car will be reliable and which models are better left on the store floor?

Our purchasing assistance service will save you time, money and a lot of stress...

As we are fully committed to our clientele and only serve you. We do not accept any commissions or other benefits from any car dealer. we will only recommend a car which we believe will be the best choice for you.

Our service starts by learning your requirements and needs, your budget, your dream car etc.

At this point we will offer you few car models that will suit your needs.

Once you decide on the car model you want there are two options:

If you are buying a new car, we will arrange a test drive (upon earliest availability of a demo car) and use our industry expertise to get you the best deal possible.

If you would rather a Pre-owned car, we will do the foot work for you. By using our connections, we can find cars that are available for sell but are not yet on the market. We will perform the preliminary check to eliminate “lemon cars” and save you time and money.

When we source a car that's condition satisfies you and fits your needs, you will be provided full details and we will arrange for you to have a look in person to make sure it’s a match.

If you wish, we can also have a specialist mechanic perform a comprehensive check.

We can even negotiate the purchasing price on your behalf!

As simple as that.

Contact us for more info.

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